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Hey birdie birdieĀ 

on 24 Jun about 10 months ago
bird;  birdie;  nature;  island;  green;  forest;  grass;  wood;  flowers;  purple;  nice;  art;  photography;  puerto rico;  yunque;  tumblricans;  sky;  cords;  electrical cords;  electrical;  palm;  palms;  palmtrees;  mango;  breadfruit;  caribbean;  rainy;  animal;  flora;  fauna;  

Tony Perry’s hands.

on 4 Jan about 1 year ago with 72N
tony perry;  tony turtle;  guitar;  guitarist;  ptv;  pierce the veil;  star wars;  knuckles;  tattoos;  awesome;  mexican;  sexican;  mexicore;  san diego;  george lucas;  star;  wars;  cords;  rock;  music;  hardcore;  vic fuentes;  mike fuentes;  whiskeyhands;  jaime preciado;  hime;  vicnasty;  mileywhidkeyhands;  mikewhiskeyhandz;  whiskeyhandz;  


on 27 Dec about 1 year ago with 3N
clouds;  sky;  instagram;  electrical;  cable;  cords;  white;  above;  nature;  puerto rico;  

This morning

on 26 Nov about 1 year ago
morning;  sun;  sunlight;  dawn;  sunrise;  cords;  electricity;  clouds;  sky;  heaven;  horizon;  light;  neighborhood;  puerto rico;  beautiful;  

#humacao #puertorico #electricalsky #clouds #gray #blue #pavement #highway #street #cords #sur #sign (Taken with instagram)

on 25 May about 1 year ago
blue;  clouds;  electricalsky;  gray;  puertorico;  sign;  pavement;  street;  sur;  humacao;  cords;  highway;  
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