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I admire their strength and passion so much! Favorite actress no.1 & favorite actress no.2 in the same movie! í ½

on 8 Mar about 1 month ago with 4N
300;  lena headey;  eva green;  300 rise of an empire;  rise of an empire;  feminist;  women;  gorgeous;  fashion;  actresses;  game of thrones;  kingdom of heaven;  dark shadows;  sarah connor;  chronicles;  cersei lannister;  lannister;  frecnh;  britain;  quality;  awesome;  woman;  mujeres;  francia;  england;  

Puppy love

on 12 Sep about 7 months ago
puppy;  dog;  cute;  pet;  black;  marley;  big;  cutie;  boots;  fashion;  girl;  love;  

I got bored… & There you go, Superman inspired nails 

on 15 Jun about 10 months ago
superman;  nails;  nail art;  glitter;  bored;  blue;  red;  burgundy;  glit;  hand;  white;  puerto rico;  girl;  girly;  cute;  pretty;  fashion;  
on 22 May about 11 months ago with 4N
lights;  cute;  vintage;  pin up;  pinup girl;  outfit;  fashion;  tattoos;  tattoo;  inked girl;  inked;  amazing;  pretty;  hot;  hottie;  wife;  beauty;  beau;  beautiful;  beau bokan;  bights;  valerie poxleitner;  valerie bokan;  valerie lights;  bokan;  poxleitner;  music;  alternative modeling;  alternative;  model;  
on 22 May about 11 months ago with 69N
valerie poxleitner;  valerie bokan;  lights;  cute;  vintage;  outfit;  fashion;  toro magazine;  canada;  music;  pop;  tattoos;  ink;  inked;  inked girl;  girl;  modeling;  valerie lights;  poxleitner;  kitchen;  alternative modeling;  beautiful;  beau bokan;  bokan;  beau;  bights;  
on 24 Mar about 1 year ago
flower;  flowery;  pastel;  wedges;  wegde;  shoe;  shoes;  shoeporn;  pink;  orange;  blue;  jeans;  fashion;  style;  girl;  girly;  heels;  puerto rico;  me;  self;  selfie;  floor;  yellow;  vintage;  shirt;  outfit;  

Grammy Dresses II

on 12 Feb about 1 year ago with 11N
katy perry;  rihanna;  beyonce;  dresses;  fashion;  style;  gown;  dress;  grammys;  grammy ceremony;  2013;  designer;  gucci;  azzedine alaia;  best dressed;  couture;  osman;  pantsuit;  black and white;  black;  white;  beyonce knowles;  red carpet;  seafoam;  sea foam;  seafoam green;  green;  mint;  mint green;  red;  

Grammy Dresses I

on 12 Feb about 1 year ago
taylor swift;  gown;  dresses;  dress;  fashion;  style;  kelly rowland;  destinys child;  florence and the machine;  fatm;  florence welch;  green;  givenchy;  j mendes;  designer;  rowland;  georges chakras;  chakras;  carrie underwood;  underwood;  roberto cavalli;  cavalli;  diamonds;  pretty;  gorgeous;  omg;  red carpet;  grammys;  grammy ceremony;  ceremony;  

Marion Cotillard in Dior. I’m absolutely in love with this dress ♥.♥

on 3 Feb about 1 year ago with 7N
marion cotillard;  dior;  christian dior;  cottilard;  french;  gorgeous;  awesome;  love it;  whyyy;  red carpet;  fashion;  style;  sag;  awards;  sag 2013;  2013;  autumn;  winter;  autumn/winter;  autumn/winter collection;  collection;  designer;  fall;  fall collection;  pre autumn;  pre-autumn;  pre-autumn/winter collection;  pre autumn winter;  pre autumn winter collection;  blue;  

Jim Parsons geeky self ☺

on 16 Jan about 1 year ago with 1N
jim parsons;  geek;  geeky;  Sheldon Cooper;  doctor sheldon cooper;  fashion style;  fashion statement;  fashion;  style;  men's health;  bow;  jeans;  john varvatos;  john varvatos sneakers;  sneakers;  converse;  john varvatos converse;  varvatos;  designer;  cool;  hip;  hipster;  awesome;  handsome;  pretty;  parsons;  The Big Bang Theory;  big bang theory;  tbbt;  bbt;  

Andy: But what if this isn’t what I want? What if I don’t wanna live the way you live?

Miranda: Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Andrea. Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us.

on 7 Jan about 1 year ago with 3N
anne hathaway;  andy sachs;  andrea sachs;  meryl streep;  miranda priestly;  boss;  fashion;  runway;  runway magazine;  publication;  magazine;  emily charlton;  andrea;  miranda;  priestly;  charlton;  emily;  emily blunt;  blunt;  black;  dark;  white;  hair;  dresses;  dress;  gown;  black gown;  spectacular;  badass;  the devil wears prada;  

You can’t be too careful anymore, when all that is waiting for you won’t come any closer you’ve got to reach out a little more (8)

on 31 Dec about 1 year ago with 2N
paramore;  careful;  lyrics;  awesome;  trio;  hayley williams;  jeremy davies;  taylor york;  ginger;  ginger hair;  orange hair;  orange;  red;  red hair;  girl;  band;  pmore;  shoot;  photoshoot;  fashion;  style;  black;  brand new eyes;  

Golden Nails

on 31 Dec about 1 year ago
girl;  girly;  gold;  golden;  hand;  liquid gold;  long nails;  manicure;  nail enamel;  nail polish;  nails;  self;  party;  new year's eve;  oval;  oval shaped;  fashion;  style;  avon;  natural;  natural nails;  

In love with my nails ♥

on 30 Nov about 1 year ago with 1N
nails;  blue;  sea green;  glitter;  glitter nails;  glitter polish;  lacquer;  nail polish;  nail lacquer;  nail enamel;  enamel;  esmalte;  uñas;  hands;  dress;  girl;  girly;  fashion;  style;  college;  red;  red hair;  red streaks;  picture;  self;  cute;  cool;  favorite;  color;  

Rafa Nadal on a suit. Bless your soul

on 18 Sep about 1 year ago with 1N
rafa nadal;  unf;  tie;  bow;  suit;  rafael nadal;  tennis;  my body is ready;  sexy;  smile;  black;  blue;  beautiful;  handsome;  man;  elegant;  style;  fashion;  spain;  sports;  
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