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Nirvana \ OM&M ♥

on 6 Jul about 9 months ago with 3N
wristbands;  nirvana;  om&m;  of mice and men;  kurt cobain;  austin carlile;  alan ashby;  phil manansala;  drums;  grunge;  rock;  music;  hot topic;  aaron;  tino;  valentino;  arteaga;  young fuego;  arrows;  heart;  love;  wrist bands;  bands;  hardcore;  metalcore;  arrow;  kurt;  cobain;  smells like teen spirit;  

The skill. The heart. The Kid. Happy birthday

on 20 Mar about 1 year ago with 2N
skill;  heart;  happy birthday;  el niño;  the kid;  fernando torres;  nando;  torres;  spain;  spaniard;  world cup;  2010;  champion;  world cup champion;  wc 2010;  south africa;  chelsea fc;  chelsea;  liverpool fc;  liverpool;  smile;  cute;  hot;  freckles;  game;  soccer;  football;  world champion;  el niño torres;  torres 9;  


on 31 Dec about 1 year ago
story;  quote;  end;  2012;  new year's eve;  new year;  2013;  beginning;  new beginning;  life;  hope;  love;  rings;  paper;  cute;  true;  relevant;  heart;  

The third #VampireDiaries season DVD cover. Drops this tuesday 11 💙 (Taken with Instagram)

on 10 Sep about 1 year ago with 1N
nina dobrev;  paul wesley;  ian somerhalder;  the vampire diaries;  tvd;  vampire;  blood;  tv;  tv series;  warner bros;  WB;  cover;  blue;  fruits;  food;  knive;  heart;  third season;  third;  3;  menage a trois;  elena gilbert;  damon salvatore;  salvatore;  salvatore brothers;  hot;  sexy;  stefan salvatore;  mean;  katherine pierce;  

#pandora #charms #necklace #jewelry #amour #heart #flowers (Taken with instagram)

on 19 May about 1 year ago with 2N
heart;  jewelry;  charms;  pandora;  necklace;  amour;  flowers;  

#iloveimaginaryfriends #love #wristband #fosterhomeforimaginaryfriends #cartoonnetwork #heart (Taken with instagram)

on 16 Apr about 2 years ago with 1N
heart;  love;  wristband;  iloveimaginaryfriends;  cartoonnetwork;  fosterhomeforimaginaryfriends;  

#sky #blue #heart #humacao #puertorico #mural #painting #waterfall #nature #bushes #water (Taken with instagram)

on 12 Apr about 2 years ago with 1N
blue;  heart;  nature;  puertorico;  sky;  mural;  water;  waterfall;  humacao;  painting;  bushes;  
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