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on 1 Jan about 3 months ago
new years eve;  new year;  31 dec;  1 jan;  fireworks;  explosives;  green;  wildfire;  navidad;  christmas;  fire;  dark;  night;  

Beg to the skies long days and old nights.

on 13 Jul about 9 months ago
versaemerge;  lyrics;  sky;  skies;  night;  twilight;  susnset;  trees;  orange;  red;  sundown;  sun;  sunlight;  light;  awesome;  nature;  omg;  puerto rico;  island;  caribbean;  paradise;  
on 15 Jun about 10 months ago with 1N
moon;  sky;  sunset;  twilight;  blue;  clouds;  pretty;  night;  

City of Love & Lights.

on 29 May about 10 months ago
paris;  eiffel;  eiffel tower;  toer;  france;  frame;  art;  photography;  Architecture;  tour eiffel;  tour;  sky;  blue;  night;  lights;  city of love and lights;  city of love & lights;  love;  city;  awesome;  capital;  capital del mundo;  europe;  europa;  capital of europe;  beautiful;  pretty;  sophisticated;  vintage;  


on 13 Jan about 1 year ago
fireworks;  sky;  night;  puerto rico;  celebration;  


on 13 Jan about 1 year ago
sky;  night;  fireworks;  puerto rico;  celebration;  
on 1 Jan about 1 year ago with 2N
fireworks;  sparkle;  light;  bright;  night;  new years eve;  new years;  puerto rico;  estrellita;  boricua;  cool;  nice;  pretty;  cute;  

Happy Birthday Hayley Williams! Thank you for the most amazing night of my life. (Pictures I took the night of their concert in Puerto Rico.)

on 27 Dec about 1 year ago with 1N
puerto rico;  paramore;  concert;  happy birthday;  Hayley Williams;  the best;  march;  march 06;  2011;  stage;  live;  camara;  camera;  san juan;  best;  night;  life;  love;  punk;  pop;  rock on;  

When our hearts are heavy burdens, we shouldn’t have to bear alone. 

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goodnight moon;  go radio;  11:11;  11:11 wish;  wish;  do overs and second chances;  couple;  love;  romantic;  goodnight;  night;  red head;  song;  rock;  album cover;  cute;  

The #beach at #night #conrad #condado #sanjuan #puertorico (Taken with Instagram)

on 16 Jun about 1 year ago
puertorico;  sanjuan;  condado;  night;  conrad;  beach;  

#clouds #moon #night #sky #nature #puertorico (Taken with instagram)

on 22 May about 1 year ago with 2N
clouds;  nature;  puertorico;  sky;  moon;  night;  

A #figure in the #clouds - #night #sky (Taken with instagram)

on 22 May about 1 year ago
sky;  clouds;  figure;  night;  

The #moon hidden between #breadfruit #tree #leaves - #nature #night #sky #twilight (Taken with instagram)

on 22 May about 1 year ago
breadfruit;  nature;  sky;  leaves;  tree;  moon;  night;  twilight;  

The #moon in the #night #sky - #noedit (Taken with instagram)

on 22 May about 1 year ago
noedit;  night;  sky;  moon;  


From the Artist: “While out exploring places far from city light pollution, I occasionally come across houses, farms, structures that have long been abandoned. It’s fascinating to me the beauty these places can still hold while slowly falling to pieces. I get nostalgic and imaginative wondering who built it. What plans did they have, what lives did they live in these places?

In its current state, it is a hazard. Many would call it a failure. A body, dead, but unburied- bones and skeletons still standing. The wallpaper is gone, the windows are usually broken long ago, roofs caved in sometimes, stairs collapsed- but every one of those elements was once purposefully and carefully put there, piece by piece until a house was made”.

Abandoned Homes Under the Stars by http://www.thestartrail.com/

on 11 Sep about 2 years ago with 393N
art;  photography;  homes;  abandon;  stars;  sky;  night;  landscape;  
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